DEADLINE IS 11:59PM MDT, MAY 21, 2021

Read the instructions, then submit your information through the Application Form. Please share the recommendation form with your letters of reference providers to complete the application process. Questions? Contact:

GIS Colorado is pleased to announce four scholarships available to students exhibiting academic excellence in the following geospatial technologies fields: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), or related disciplines. Scholarships support education and research for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in accredited 2-year or 4-year Colorado colleges or universities. GIS Colorado is offering four scholarships for 2021:
  • Two (2) scholarships to undergraduate students
    • $1500 – first place
    • $500 – second place
  • Two (2) scholarships to graduate students
    • $1500 – first place
    • $500 – second place
In addition to the monetary award, all winners will receive a one year membership to GIS Colorado. Scholarship recipients who present their project at GIS in the Rockies (as a poster or presentation) will have their conference registration fee paid by GIS Colorado.


Undergraduate scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate excellence in the application of geospatial tools, and are intended to support student learning and experience with geospatial technologies and tools. Graduate awards are designed to support application of GIS knowledge and expertise to independent and original research. Undergraduate or graduate level status will be based on the student’s highest level of completed education. The final decision of this status is up to the Scholarship Committee and the Board of GIS Colorado. Students must be attending an accredited 2-year or 4-year college/university, or graduate school, located in Colorado, either as a resident or as an online student. To receive scholarship funds, winners must be confirmed as a full-time or part-time enrolled student during the Fall 2021 semester.

How to Apply

Students can apply by submitting the following information through the application form by 11:59PM MDT, MAY 21, 2021.  
  1. A completed online application using the form link above.
  2. Transcripts indicating current grade point average (GPA). Unofficial copies are acceptable. PDF format only. File name: [LastName]_[FirstInitial]_Transcript.pdf.
  3. Graphic: Submit a single “graphic” (this can be a map, web map, poster, diagram, or screenshot) that tells the story of your project. The graphic must be your own work but may represent data from other sources. Please submit examples of individual work that demonstrates an ability or interest in GIS. Projects submitted must be independent work – no group projects will be accepted. PDF format. If submitting a web map or website, please submit a page with a link. File name: [LastName]_[FirstInitial]_Graphic.pdf.
  4. Essay: In 500 or less typed words, explain your geospatial project and how GIS tools or technologies apply. In your essay, include an explanation for why you chose this graphic to represent your project, and describe its context and its intended audience. Note that the graphic should be related to the GIS project discussed in the essay. Please explain how this scholarship award would help to further your research or professional GIS goals. PDF format. File name: [LastName]_[FirstInitial]_Essay.pdf.
  5. Choose option 1 or option 2:
    1. One letter of recommendation from a professor/teacher, and one resume. Resume should be submitted in PDF format with the file name [LastName]_[FirstInitial]_Resume.pdf.
    2. Two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation need to be in PDF format, created by the letter’s author.
After completing your application, please have your references submit their letters via the recommendation form.