Sarah Rollins

Public Safety GIS SME – DATAMARK – Lakewood, CO
GIS Analyst – Intrado Public Safety – Longmont, CO

My love of maps began at a very young age. My father was a navigator for the United States Air Force so I was surrounded by charts and navigation plans. After I graduated from Stanford, I went to work for Strategic Mapping. Strategic Mapping and their Atlas GIS suite of software was, at that time, one of the top competitors (against MapInfo and ArcInfo) in the fledging desktop GIS software development industry. There I translated my passion for maps into a healthy aptitude for all things GIS and mapping-related. GIS really seemed, to me, to marry my degrees in Sociology with the maps I grew up with. I loved being on the cutting edge of this technology and teaching people how GIS could make their lives better. I left Strategic Mapping in 1993 to open my own consulting business. This exposed me to managing and executing large projects in several different areas – marketing, banking, health care, and real estate – as well as giving me the opportunity to develop GIS software training. I closed my consultancy in 1996 to start my family.

In 2014, I entered the GIS Certificate program at Front Range Community College. I went back to school to study GIS for 2 reasons: 1) I really enjoy working with GIS and wanted to get back to my original profession, and 2) I was concerned that after so much time away, technology would be too different and perhaps even my older (albeit much wiser) brain would not be able to keep up with the technology. Thankfully, I discovered that my brain still worked just fine!

In between raising my family and working in GIS, I have now accumulated more than 10 years’ experience as a GIS consultant and business-owner, and as a Public Safety GIS SME for both Intrado and DATAMARK. I am particularly invested in helping GIS folks around Colorado who are tasked with supporting 9-1-1 to understand what the future holds, and what a vital role they will play in 9-1-1. I am now a free agent, no longer working for a vendor. Serving on GISCO’s Board will give me the opportunity to have an impact on our State’s GIS community in an unbiased and committed way.