Quorum Lease Analyst

Company/organization: SM Energy Company

Job description: The Lease Analyst will support the ongoing creation, maintenance, and dissemination of land data in SM Energy’s GIS enterprise and Quorum. The focus will be to support the objectives and projects requested of various departments throughout the Denver region, especially that of Land Administration.

Required Qualifications

- At least 3 yrs experience mapping against a Non-Jeffersonian grid

- Must have experience mapping using Quorum (QGIS) tools in ArcMap

- Must be able to communicate GIS and spatial information to non-technical people

- Strong knowledge of map coordinate systems, projections, and transformations

- Strong understanding of digitizing with ArcGIS COGO tools

- Knowledge of GIS data analysis and manipulation techniques

- Conceptual knowledge of GPS and other positioning systems

Application closing date: 2019-02-28

Contact person: Alina Y Shemetova

Contact email: ashemetova@SM-energy.com