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General Statement of Duties
This non-exempt position administers, coordinates and provides strategic direction for the geographic information system (GIS). Is responsible for leading the GIS department in data entry, editing, annotating and manipulating digitized data to create automated maps and maintain the GIS database. Responsible for developing models for the water and wastewater systems and inserting as-built drawings into the GIS database.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
•    Establish and maintain the District’s facility mapping system through use of geographic information systems (GIS).
•    Supervise assigned functions and junior GIS personnel including assignment of daily activities, mentoring, reviewing/approving timesheets and contributing to annual evaluations. 
•    Administer the GIS internship program, including assignment of daily activities, mentoring and reviewing/approving timesheets.
•    Plan, coordinate and direct GIS activities.
•    Perform complex systems management functions for the GIS users and systems.
•    Assist with training and instruction to District GIS users.
•    Develop and maintain a dynamic model of the District’s water and wastewater systems using ESRI ArcGIS software, Innovyze, InfoWater, and InfoSewer.
•    Collaborate with internal Information Technologies (IT) department to ensure proper maintenance and operation of required systems.
•    Interface with local government agencies to ensure that both the District and other agencies share the most recent GIS databases available.
•    Receive and review as-constructed drawings (both hard copy and electronic file) from developers’ engineers and notify them of any required corrections.
•    Gather missing or additional data using a Trimble survey-grade GPS unit.
•    Research records including but not limited to easements and plats as necessary.
•    Read and interpolate legal descriptions and exhibits as needed.
•    Attend technical and safety training meetings, courses, and seminars as required.
•    Perform routine cleanup and housekeeping of work areas and equipment.
•    Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
•    Solid knowledge of GIS principles and practices specific to water and sewer utilities. 
•    Experience with working with ESRI ArcGIS, ESRI Portal and ArcGIS Online. 
•    Proficient in developing scripts and Python programming. 
•    Solid computer knowledge including, but not limited to, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Trimble Business Center, Visual Basic, Innovyze InfoWater and InfoSewer, and GIS software such as ArcGIS.  
•    Solid knowledge of digitizing and data manipulation procedures for the GIS.  
•    Solid data entry skills for accurate maintenance of a GIS geodatabase.    
•    Basic knowledge of general construction and civil engineering principles. 
•    Basic knowledge of safety procedures, use of personal protective equipment, and the ability to apply safety principles.  Ability to anticipate unsafe circumstances, act accordingly to prevent accidents, and promptly report accidents and hazardous conditions.  
•    Ability to direct, coach and train junior GIS staff of various education, certification and practical skill levels.
•    Ability to interpret and use information from maps, plans, specifications, regulations, blueprints, and technical documentation.  
•    Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing, organize activities in order to complete tasks in accordance with priorities, address multiple demands and meet deadlines. 
•    Ability to work independently with broad direction and limited supervision.  Ability to work effectively with supervisors, co-workers, vendors, contractors, developers and the general public. 

•    Bachelor’s Degree in Geography or related field of study is required.
•    Minimum requirement of five years’ experience in designing and building GIS databases specifically for water and sewer utilities.
•    Minimum requirement of five years’ experience in developing and maintaining a water distribution system model and a sewer collection system model.
•    Must possess a valid driver’s license and a Motor Vehicle Record within the acceptable limits of the District’s insurance company.

Working ConditionsPhysical Activities
•    Monday through Friday, 8 hours per day workweek.  May be subject to mandatory overtime on an as needed basis to work within the department and for other duties as assigned.
•    Work is performed on construction sites, in office situations, and at a wastewater treatment facility where noise, irritants, dust, dirt, bacteria, hazardous chemicals/air/materials and fumes are present. May come into contact with raw wastewater. The Hepatitis B Vaccine is strongly recommended and is offered at no cost by the District.
•    Work may take place outside in all weather conditions. May be exposed to risks typically associated with working around water, chemicals, electricity and other man-made and natural hazards.
•    Full range of body movements including stooping, twisting, kneeling, bending, leaning, reaching, climbing (heights), stretching and working in awkward positions. May stand for extended periods of time.
•    Light physical effort required by handling objects up to 20 pounds occasionally and/or up to 10 pounds frequently.
•    Must be able to operate vehicles and equipment, read, record and interpret information.  Must be able to communicate with other employees and the public.

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