Jason Lord

Thank you for your consideration to be voted upon for the GIS Colorado Board. Recently I worked as the Utility GIS Coordinator for the city of Brighton, Colorado, and was responsible for the details and data for the Water, Sanitary Sewer, Stormwater, and Water Resources under the umbrella of the Infrastructure Services division. My previous 19-year history has been in orthophotography/LiDAR mapping, private consulting, Land surveying, Data Management, Geophysical data collection and field operations, and also with a large county as their GIS technician. I have a deep interest in the fields that are connected to geospatial data and offer unique perspectives from the wide variety of experiences that I have acquired via my geospatial journey. Goals I have for GIS Colorado are to support and develop more field and data training that can benefit the overall community and to learn more about the needs of the Colorado and regional geospatial community at large. I hold a deep admiration for the AuthaGraph map projection and believe we should have globes and not just web Mercator in our schools.