Jackie Phipps

My name is Jackie Phipps and I would like to be considered for a GISCO board member position. Currently I work at the City of Littleton as their GIS Supervisor. I received my Masters in GIS from University of Denver and have my GISP. I received my undergraduate degrees in Geography and Social Science from Humboldt State University in Northern California. Though I left the state to explore the Redwoods in California, I am a Colorado Native, whose heart has always lived in this state. have been with the City of Littleton’s GIS department for the last four years. My time with the city has given me insight not only in using and deploying GIS systems, but also how the community and public uses and perceives GIS. This hands-on and similarly bigpicture view has given me ideas in improving both our internal GIS operations and also our communities’ interactions with and perception of GIS. Like most of you, I have a passion for GIS and Geography. I believe that through GIS we can make data driven decisions to improve our local communities, state, and wider world around us. For this tool to broaden its reach we need to be more creative in our methods of outreach and we need to diversify our user base to involve users of all ages and backgrounds. For instance, I believe initiatives should be sought to introduce the power of GIS and mapping to the younger generation through education events and generationally relevant data presentations and activities. Though these ideas represent the forefront of my focus in advancing GIS, I have plenty more if I have the honor and opportunity to share them with the GIS Colorado Community. As my 7th grade campaign slogan is still relevant here. I must say: Vote for Jackie, she’s not wacky.