Genie Hays

Hello, my name is Genie Hays and I am running for a second term on the GIS Colorado board.  I have almost two decades of experience in the GIS industry holding a myriad of positions in both the public and private sectors from sales, tech/analyst, outreach, project management, and teaching.  I have also participated as a volunteer on various GIS committees for almost as long. Throughout it all I have been a GIS Colorado member.

I love what I do and owe a large part of my professional growth to GIS Colorado.  The commitment to community and support for each other strongly aligns with my own values and I am excited to share my enthusiasm by serving on the board for another three years.  Throughout my term I look forward to helping GIS Colorado continue being a positive influence throughout Colorado by continuing to organize training and professional networking events as well as  expanding our resources through partnerships with other GIS societies locally and in neighboring states.