GPS/Mobile Data Collection

Join CompassTools for an exciting “hands on” afternoon workshop on these cutting edge MGIS topics:

-        CompassData has been granted a 333 UAS exemption to fly and collect commercial data nationwide with Trimble’s UX5. Learn about the where, how and why of what can be flown, data expectations and potential applications. Additional discussions will include Swift Radioplanes solution and quad copter systems.

-        Trimble’s software solutions for the future. Yes, they work with smart devices and traditional Trimble mapping devices. Apps for general field data (traditional data dictionaries/geodata bases) to apps for specialty data collection, water/waste water, electric distribution, environmental, etc plus near real-time and disconnected work flows.

-        The future is here with Trimble’s R1, a puck style GNSS receiver that provides sub-meter accuracy to smart devices or less accurate Trimble units. Who is it right for and how to use the new receiver?

-        Volumetric solutions: from basic laser measurements to volumes yardage/tonnage in the field to UAS solutions for change detection and reporting.

Presented By CompassTools Colorado Regional Sales Managers:

Daren Biggers – Western Slope

David Siddle – Front Range