GISCO 2021 Spring Quarterly Meeting

Join us for a two day event, including a virtual meeting, an opportunity to network with your fellow GIS professionals and hear some great talks!

DAY 1: GISCO Spring Training - Th. 3/25/21 $35 Non Member Price

Introducing ArcGIS Field Maps ArcGIS Field Maps is a new all-in-one app that uses data-driven maps to help fieldworkers perform mobile data collection and editing, find assets and information, and report their real-time locations.
  • Objectives: Participants learn essentials of Field Maps including data preparation, using maps, collecting data, and tracking field workers.
  • Hands-On: In second half of session, data and exercises will be provided for participants
to set up and use ArcGIS Field Maps application for collecting data in the field. ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise (10.8.1 or later) Creator user type and ArcGIS Field Maps on mobile device (download from App Store or Google Play) needed. David Vaillancourt is a Solution Engineer at esri in Louisville, Colorado. David has worked for esri for 16 years supporting state and local government users in the southwest in understanding how geospatial technology can help them solve their organizational challenges, and how that same technology can facilitate better decision making. David has a Master’s in geography from the university of Wyoming and has worked in the geospatial field as a consultant, an instructor, and application developer, and a GIS expert. His role enables him to share best practices, give presentations on new and cutting-edge technology, and to work closely with the user community to help them move to better technology solutions. Crime Analysis Toolbar Tips and Tricks The ArcGIS Pro Crime Analysis ribbon helps you manage incident data, conduct tactical and strategic analysis, and share web-based information products with decision-makers, your team, or the general public. Come check out the ribbon’s refreshed design and major new improvements.
  • Objective: Participants understand deployment, capabilities and use cases for Crime Analysis Solution.
  • Hands-On: In second half of session, data and exercises will be provided for participants to analyze crime incidents using the Crime Analysis ribbon. ArcGIS Pro 2.7 and Crime Analysis solution needed.
Shelby Hines is an Esri Solution Engineer and supports local government customers in New Mexico and Colorado. She has a background in GIS & emergency management and holds a MS in GIS from the University of Denver.

Day 2:Quarterly Meeting/Networking Mar 26, 2021 FREE

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