Asset Management: Planning, Strategy, and Implementation

Asset Management: Planning, Strategy, and Implementation Public and private agencies face continuous challenges to accomplish more with less as increases in demand, regulatory requirements, infrastructure deterioration, and political and economic forces have significantly outpaced increases in capital and operating budgets. Many of these agencies are turning to Asset Management to cope with these challenges and improve business performance and effectiveness. This workshop will focus on several aspects of developing an asset management system that could help improve performance, reduce long-term costs, and maximize return on investment in infrastructure assets. Please register at Date: Tuesday, September 20,2016 Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm Cost: $100.00 Location: The Cable Center, 2000 Buchtel Blvd, Denver, CO Prerequisites: None Note: This is being offered as a GIS in the Rockies pre-conference workshop. Although conference registration is not required, please consider attending on Sept 21-22. More conference details can be found @" Specific topics include: •Strategy and Planning •Data Collection Methods •Software Solutions •Information Management and Decision Support Tools •Evaluation and Performance Measures •GASB34 Reporting •Life Cycle Costs Intended Audience: This workshop is intended for utility, transportation, engineering, planning, and environmental managers and analysts of the public and private sectors. Instructors: Anthony Palizzi of Harris Corporation, Phyllis Thomas of Phyllis Thomas Consulting, and Elthron Anderson, of Southgate Water and Sanitation District More information can be found on the GIS in the Rockies conference website: Pre-Conference Workshops « GIS in the Rockies 2016