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Joe Paniccia

My passion for GIS began with the study of topographic maps and landform analysis while pursuing my undergraduate engineering degree.  I then served as an officer in the U.S. Army, with leadership roles requiring the extensive use of GIS tools for the calculation of artillery solutions, as well as for tactical operations planning.

My current role is Manager of IT Systems Analysis, at CenturyLink in Denver.  Throughout my 15 years at CenturyLink I've led technical and project management teams on large-scale business initiatives, including many in which GIS was a major component of the business solution.

The passion I have for GIS extends to my hobbies as well, which include orienteering, map collecting, mountain biking, trail running, and other mountain adventures in the U.S. and Europe.  I also love history, especially when the story of a world event is portrayed in the form of a map.

My formal education includes a BS in General Engineering from the United States Military Academy (West Point) and a Master of Arts in Telecommunications Management from Webster University.  I am certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).   

I would like to serve on the board of GIS Colorado to contribute to the GIS community.  My extensive leadership experience will contribute to our central mission of fostering collaboration across this rapdily growing community.

Kim M Woynowskie

I have been working in GIS for 20 plus years, I began as a surveyor and worked in the engineering field for 8 years.  I then went back to college and gained a BS in Geology, I worked that field for another 10 years.  I came into GIS after that working in the private sector and also the public sector from local governments to Federal level.

I am currently a GISP and a GIS Analyst for the City of Grand Junction where I have worked for the last 15 years.  I am currently the Board Vice President representing the western half of Colorado..

I was a Sargent in the US Army from 1969 to 1973 where I served as a photographer and also OV1 Mohawk crew chief.


I would like to continue serving on the board as the western slope representative.

NFL Fan Map

The 2014 NFL season is here, and the Facebook data team is taking a look at fandom for all 32 teams, along with the total interactions and top social moments from Thursday night’s opener. They released a map (link) that shows where football fans live based on which NFL team they “Like” on Facebook. Note, each county is color-coded based on which official NFL team page has the most Facebook “Likes” by people who live in that county.



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Date/Time Event
10/14/2021 - 10/15/2021
All Day
Fall Quarterly Meeting Save the Date!
Littleton, Littleton CO
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Global Mapper Workshop
08/05/2021 - 08/06/2021
All Day
GIS Colorado Summer Meeting
Redstone Inn, Redstone CO
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Getting Started with the FME Platform
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
GIS Colorado | Geocortex Training
03/25/2021 - 03/26/2021
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
GISCO 2021 Spring Quarterly Meeting
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Virtual Social
8:30 am - 12:45 pm
GIS Colorado 2021 Winter Virtual Meeting
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
GIS Colorado 2021 Winter Virtual Training
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
GIS Colorado - Fall Quarterly Meeting
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