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Kaitlyn Scott

I am writing to express my interest in running for an open Board of Directors position. I first learned of GIS during an internship I held with the Wyoming Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit while I was in college. While I was only digitizing habitat maps, it was enough to spark an interest in GIS in me. After college, I decided to pursue an MS in GIS at the University of Denver. I have since earned my Graduate Certificate in GIS at DU, and will graduate this spring with my MS. In 2017, I began what would be a 1.5 year GIS Internship at Castle Rock Water. I excitedly moved to Castle Rock from my hometown of Dillon, CO for the position. This past January, I started a new position as GIS Technician for Castle Rock Public Works. While I am new the GIS world, I have proven my dedication to the field by getting involved in any way that I can. As a Program Coordinator for the GIS in the Rockies Conference, I have begun making a name for myself in the GIS industry. Any opportunity that has presented itself to me, I have taken. This is all because in my brief time in GIS, I have grown to love the field and understand the vital importance that GIS has on just about everything we do. So, why should you consider me for a GISCO Board of Directors position? I feel that being young, in life and in GIS, gives me an advantage of seeing everything in with fresh eyes. Also, because I am still in school I have a personal interest in advancing the GIS careers of young professionals. I have proven this by working to build-up the Student Presentation track in GIS in the Rockies, in order to get young professionals recognized by successful professionals in the field. It also goes without saying, that I am a dedicated, hardworking and organized individual. I will put everything I can into my position on the Board, and I will represent GISCO in a strong and professional manner.

Jackie Phipps

My name is Jackie Phipps and I would like to be considered for a GISCO board member position. Currently I work at the City of Littleton as their GIS Supervisor. I received my Masters in GIS from University of Denver and have my GISP. I received my undergraduate degrees in Geography and Social Science from Humboldt State University in Northern California. Though I left the state to explore the Redwoods in California, I am a Colorado Native, whose heart has always lived in this state. have been with the City of Littleton’s GIS department for the last four years. My time with the city has given me insight not only in using and deploying GIS systems, but also how the community and public uses and perceives GIS. This hands-on and similarly bigpicture view has given me ideas in improving both our internal GIS operations and also our communities’ interactions with and perception of GIS. Like most of you, I have a passion for GIS and Geography. I believe that through GIS we can make data driven decisions to improve our local communities, state, and wider world around us. For this tool to broaden its reach we need to be more creative in our methods of outreach and we need to diversify our user base to involve users of all ages and backgrounds. For instance, I believe initiatives should be sought to introduce the power of GIS and mapping to the younger generation through education events and generationally relevant data presentations and activities. Though these ideas represent the forefront of my focus in advancing GIS, I have plenty more if I have the honor and opportunity to share them with the GIS Colorado Community. As my 7th grade campaign slogan is still relevant here. I must say: Vote for Jackie, she’s not wacky.

Jason Lord

Thank you for your consideration to be voted upon for the GIS Colorado Board. Recently I worked as the Utility GIS Coordinator for the city of Brighton, Colorado, and was responsible for the details and data for the Water, Sanitary Sewer, Stormwater, and Water Resources under the umbrella of the Infrastructure Services division. My previous 19-year history has been in orthophotography/LiDAR mapping, private consulting, Land surveying, Data Management, Geophysical data collection and field operations, and also with a large county as their GIS technician. I have a deep interest in the fields that are connected to geospatial data and offer unique perspectives from the wide variety of experiences that I have acquired via my geospatial journey. Goals I have for GIS Colorado are to support and develop more field and data training that can benefit the overall community and to learn more about the needs of the Colorado and regional geospatial community at large. I hold a deep admiration for the AuthaGraph map projection and believe we should have globes and not just web Mercator in our schools.

Laura Atkinson

Laura Atkinson has been working in data management and GIS for eight years. She has experience in public and private sector positions including the NPS Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Network, the urban forestry startup Plan-It Geo, and DigitalGlobe. Laura recently finished a Master’s program in GIS at the University of Denver and is currently working on another in Data Science. She has been attending GIS Colorado meetings for several years helping out wherever possible, including serving on the board for the past year as outreach coordinator. During the past year on the board, Laura has helped reach out to local colleges and companies to try and increase awareness of GISCO and its resources. She has also provided a student perspective to board decisions to help foster a supportive environment for those new to the industry. She hopes to continue bringing new insights and ideas to the community at large as a board member. As someone who is Colorado born, raised, and schooled, Laura has a unique perspective on the challenges of Colorado’s geospatial community and the needs of the industry in the state.

2016 Scholarships Announced!

GIS Colorado is pleased to announce this year’s scholarships. For 2015, GIS Colorado is offering four scholarships to deserving Colorado University or college students: One to a full-time undergraduate student ($1500), one to a full-time graduate student ($1500), one to a part-time undergraduate student, and one to a part-time graduate student. Part-time students must have a minimum of one three-credit class in fall 2016. The award for part-time students will be calculated at $100 per credit to a maximum of $500.


Download a flyer to post and share!

Please see the Scholarships page for full details.

2019 Scholarships

GIS Colorado is pleased to announce four scholarships available to students exhibiting academic excellence in the geospatial technologies fields: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), or related disciplines.

GIS Colorado is offering four scholarships for 2019:

  • Two scholarships to full-time students
    • One $1500 undergraduate
    • One $1500 graduate
  • Two scholarships to part-time students
    • One $500 undergraduate
    • One $500 graduate

Undergraduate scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate excellence in the application of geospatial tools, and are intended to support student learning and experience with geospatial technologies and tools. Graduate awards are designed to support application of GIS knowledge and expertise to independent and original research.

All winners will also receive a one year membership to GISCO. Scholarship recipients who present their project at GIS in the Rockies (as a poster or presentation), will have their conference registration fee paid by GISCO.

DEADLINE IS 11:59PM MDT, MAY 19, 2019

GIS Colorado scholarships support education and research for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in accredited 2-year or 4-year Colorado colleges or universities. GIS Colorado awards scholarships to students exhibiting academic excellence in the geospatial technologies fields: Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), or related disciplines.

Students must be attending an accredited 2-year or 4-year college/university, or graduate school, located in Colorado, either as a resident or as an online student. To receive scholarship funds, winners must be confirmed as an enrolled student during the Fall 2019 semester.

Please submit examples of your work which demonstrate your ability or interest in GIS. Projects submitted must be independent work – no group projects will be accepted.

A complete scholarship application package will include the following:

  1. A completed online application using the application tab above.
  2. Transcripts indicating current grade point average (GPA). Unofficial copies are acceptable. PDF format only.
  3. Graphic: Submit a single “graphic” (this can be a map, web map, poster, diagram, or screenshot) that tells the story of your project. The graphic must be your own work but may represent data from other sources. PDF format.
  4. Essay: In 500 or less typed words, explain your geospatial project and how GIS tools or technologies apply. In your essay, include an explanation for why you chose this graphic to represent your project, and describe its context and its intended audience. Note that the graphic should be related to the GIS project discussed in the essay. Please explain how this scholarship award would help to further your research or professional GIS goals. PDF format.
  5. Choose option A or option B
    1. One letter of recommendation from a professor/teacher, and one resume.
    2. Two letters of recommendation
Letters of recommendation need to be in PDF format, created by the letter’s author. After completing your application, please have your references submit their letters directly to
  • Total file size limited to 20MB
  • Missing items will result in an incomplete application.
  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  • All emailed files must have file names containing the student’s last name and be in PDF format.
  • All items (listed above) needed to complete an application must be received by 11:59PM MDT, MAY 19, 2019.
A complete application package includes completion of an online form that collects your contact information and academic information.
Submit the following documents to
  1. Transcript (unofficial copy is acceptable)
  2. Essay (as described on Requirements tab)
  3. Graphic (as described on Requirements tab) (examples: a map, a poster, link to web map saved in a document or referenced in essay)
  4. Two letters of recommendation (submitted by your reference); OR one letter (submitted by reference) and one résumé (submitted by you).

  5. All files in PDF format. Total file size maximum of 20MB. Please combine all files into one zipped file.

    * Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. All items needed to complete an application must be received by the due date 11:59PM MDT, MAY 19, 2019. Please have all documents ready to submit in one session. Missing items will result in an incomplete application.

    The window to submit scholarship applications for 2019 has closed. Thank you for your interest.

Board Election

It's time again to make your voice heard! The GIS Colorado Board has three vacancies to be filled this spring. The following GIS Colorado members have been nominated by your peers to fill these leadership roles.


To vote, please send email to with your top three choices from the candidates list below.

Only paying members of GIS Colorado are allowed to vote.

It is only $25 a year to be a paying member and you can sign up here:



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Rachel Medina
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