Jason Lord

Hey There, I'm Jason Lord. I grew up in a spatially challenged life of moving to new places every few years due to my Dad being in the Army. Eventually things calmed down and I settled here in Colorado for college and have stayed here for past 29 years. Currently I work as the GIS Technician in Park County. Prior to that I was working in land surveying in pursuit of gaining the experience and contact time to become licensed in the future. In 2014 I was awarded a GIS certificate from Front Range Community College while working full time in land surveying. While attending, I was requested by the Director of the program to assist on the steering committee to develop a list of relevant surveying principles that have become the basis of two full semester courses in the Associate of Applied Science degree in Geospatial Science. I have also worked in main frame computer support, IT Security and system administration, Environmental science, Geophysical surveying, and even worked as GPS Ground Support for an IED detection platform funded by DARPA. My background of IT and Geospatial field work has given me a wide depth of experience across the spectrum of GIS, and has also created a deeper drive and interest of finding out where the industry and especially the education of Geospatial work and research will be headed into the future. I love solving puzzles and problems, and truly enjoy helping people gain solutions with spatial data and processes. Land surveying allowed me to see the value in high quality field data, and to fully understand the critical nature of planning, collection, reduction of data, and the finished products in the work I was assigned in the aftermath and rebuilding of the flood damaged areas around Boulder County from 2013. I have attended all of the past year quarterly meetings for GIS Colorado, and learning a great deal about our organization along the way. I want to become more involved and participate with the day to day and active involvement within the board; to learn more about what I don't know, and to share my experiences to help in anyway I might be able to do so. Best Regards, Jason