Election – Nominations

Interested in joining the Board of Directors - Self nominations are now open.

GIS Colorado is calling for nominations for board members for a three-year term starting in April 2018. We have three vacancies on the board to fill. If you are interested in nominating yourself (and are a GISCO member in good standing and reside in the State of Colorado), please provide a brief bio and describe the qualifications that will enable you to contribute in a meaningful way to overseeing and guiding the activities of GIS Colorado.

Please limit your responses to a few paragraphs. Nominations are due by the end of the day on Friday, February 23, 2018. All information provided will be made available to the voting members of GIS Colorado so they can make an informed decision when they cast their vote.

Please send your information to vote@giscolorado.org. Voting by members will be done via email beginning March 12, 2018 thru April 13, 2018.

Please send all questions to questions@giscolorado.org