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Richard Cornell 4 years,2 months ago
Rikka Bothun 4 years,2 months ago
Daniel Levy 4 years,2 months ago
Chris Trice 4 years,2 months ago
David Barnett 4 years,2 months ago
Tara Jacob 4 years,2 months ago
Sam Litschert 4 years,2 months ago
Laura Atkinson 4 years,2 months ago
Debi Romines 4 years,2 months ago
Joe Paniccia 4 years,2 months ago
Kacy Ulam 4 years,2 months ago
Mark Rankin 4 years,2 months ago
john 4 years,2 months ago
Robbyn Ferris 4 years,2 months ago
Tim DeMasters 4 years,2 months ago
Larry Rector 4 years,2 months ago
David Blankinship 4 years,2 months ago
Carman Skeehan 4 years,2 months ago
Jesse Haagenson 4 years,2 months ago
Lisa Godwin 4 years,2 months ago
Jeremy Quan 4 years,2 months ago
Amanda Robbins 4 years,2 months ago
Jess Agur 4 years,1 month ago
Mike Tuffly 4 years,1 month ago
Jake Cseke 4 years,1 month ago
Jenelle Kemp 4 years,1 month ago
Warren Roe 4 years,1 month ago
Cindy Jones 4 years,1 month ago
Mo Valenta 4 years,1 month ago
Kyle Good 4 years,1 month ago
Paul Vines 4 years,1 month ago
Kim Soulliere 4 years,1 month ago
Caitlin Bernier 4 years,1 month ago
City of Boulder Human Resources 4 years,1 month ago
Derrick Reish 4 years,1 month ago
Brendan Willits 4 years,1 month ago
Benjamin Pontecorvo 4 years,1 month ago
Ethan Schaecher 4 years,1 month ago
Anthony Nazarenus 4 years,1 month ago
Eric Pimpler 4 years ago
Sophia Linn 4 years ago
Jeremy Larsen 4 years ago
Erica Gentry 4 years ago
Shirley Schwinghammer 4 years ago
James Phillips 4 years ago
Dustin Kearn 4 years ago
Catherine Norris 4 years ago
Paul Palubinski 4 years ago
Frank Biasi 4 years ago
Cindy Kamigaki 4 years ago
Displaying 201–250 of 2,159  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 43 44

Board Members


Pete Magee (2018-2021) - President (Co-Chair)

Rich Chamberlain (2017-2020) - Vice President (Co-Chair)

Genie Hays (2017-2020) - Treasurer

Lucas Kaim Thelen (2017-2019)

Darcee Killpack (2017-2020)

Rachel Medina (2018-2021)

Annabel Montoya (2016-2019)

Nickolas Viau (2018-2021)

Laura Atkinson (2018-2019) - Outreach Coordinator

Adjunct Board Members

Deborah Wilson - Communications Coordinator

Caitlin Bernier - Training Coordinator

Casey Lawrence - Social Media Coordinator

Scott Tometich - Web Master

GIS Colorado Constitution

i. Name and Object of the Organization: The name of the organization shall be GIS COLORADO. The object of this organization is to provide development, support, and coordination for regional GIS and related technology user groups and activities in the State of Colorado.

ii. Qualification of Members: Qualified members will be accepted as participants of the organization subject to the conditions specified in the Bylaws Article titled Membership.

iii. Officers, Election and Duties: The organization shall hold periodic elections to select officers who shall be responsible for management of the organization. The responsibilities, duties, and expectations of elected officers shall be in accordance with the GIS COLORADO Bylaws.

iv. Meetings of the Organization: Periodic meetings of the organization shall be held to conduct business, encourage membership and communication, and establish the overall agenda of the organization. Meeting formats, times, and locations shall be conducted in accordance with Articles of the GIS COLORADO Bylaws.

v. Amendments to the Constitution: This constitution may be amended by two-thirds majority vote of the total voting membership of the organization. The proposed amendment must be mailed to all voting members no less than sixty days before the vote is to be made on the proposed amendment. The process for voting on constitutional amendments shall adhere to GIS COLORADO Bylaws.


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Join these fine businesses in lending your support to GISCO and our profession. Your support underwrites membership meetings, presentations and speaker expenses, as well as the resource of this popular website. All funds go directly to benefit the collaboration of GIS professionals and the advancement of our field. GISCO have no paid staff, our Board of Directors is voluntary. If you would like your business to become part of the GISCO community and become a sponsor, please contact us at