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2015 Summer Quarterly Meeting

Presentation Submission

Please fill out the form below to submit a presentation to be given during the 2015 summer quarterly meeting in Gunnison.

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Board Election 2016

It's time again to make your voice heard! The GIS Colorado Board has three vacancies to be filled this spring. The following GIS Colorado members have been nominated by your peers to fill these leadership roles.


To vote, please send email to with your top three choices from the candidates list below.

Only paying members of GIS Colorado are allowed to vote.

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Brian M. Coleman

Currently, I have two focuses in GIS.

                Teaching at FRCC – I have served on the GIS Steering Committee for several years.  FRCC/Boulder County Campus has garnered several awards, including best academic program at any Colorado Community College in 2012 and a SAG Award from Esri in 2014.  My focus has been with GPS Field Data Collection, which is taught in the summer as a hands on, project focused course.

                Developing UAV platforms for Geospatial use – I am also with Juniper Unmanned Aerial Systems where I am responsible for developing geospatial uses for UAV.  My title is Flight Operations Manager and I work to integrate UAV into full compliance with FAA regulations.  My team is working to confirm best practices based for various geospatial applications by matching platforms to sensors and mission plans. 

                My vision for GISCO is to find a way to expose more high school and college students to the benefits of acquiring a GIS skill set, no matter what your academic pursuits might be. 

                I have been an active member of past GISCO boards, while still employed by Esri.   I also used my GISCO board position as a platform for the formation of WyGEO, which functions like GISCO in the state of Wyoming.

Pete Magee

A Brief History of Pete Magee and his Vision for GIS Colorado

Dr. A.W. (Pete) Magee is the former Executive Director of the San Luis Valley GIS/GPS Authority (SLV GIS).  A regional self-sustaining government entity, SLV GIS was formed in 1996 by the collective county commissioners of Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Mineral, Rio Grande and Saguache counties.  SLV GIS provides GIS/GPS services and products to the 8,000+ square mile San Luis Valley as well as to federal, state and private businesses and individuals.  Being a self-sustaining government agency, SLV GIS is not restricted to providing services within the San Luis Valley.

Pete received his Ph.D. in Physical Geography from Oxford University (U.K.) in 1989.  Arriving in the San Luis Valley in 1990, Pete began teaching at Adams State College in the Department of Geology & Environmental Science. During his tenure at ASC, Pete implemented GIS curriculum and began to stimulate interest within the county governments to utilize GIS.  Pete left ASC in 1997 as Head of Department and Chair of the New Science and Math Building committee to become the Coordinator for the San Luis Valley GIS/GPS Authority in 1998, Director in 2000 and Executive Director in 2008.

Professionally Pete is a former Board member of GISCO, former Emergency Manager for Alamosa County (IC during Salmonella outbreak in 2004, awarded the Emergency Manager of the Year for the San Luis Valley by the Colorado Emergency Management Association in 2009), former Board member and Chair of the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust (RiGHT) and former Chair of the SLV All Hazards group. Currently Pete serves on Alamosa County Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments, San Luis Valley All Hazards, SLV Local Emergency Operations Program and the GISCO scholarship committee (Caitlin Bernier, Chair). As part-owner of Integrated Land Services, Inc., the management company for the public/private partnership with SLV GIS, our ongoing services to the region include, but are not limited to, creating and maintaining E911 spatial data for the Alamosa Regional Communications Center, online parcel data for 3 counties, and spatial data support for resource management and wildfire mitigation.

My vision for GIS Colorado is unchanged from the early years of the organization. I envision a strong continuing effort at being a grassroots organization dedicated to uniting all aspects of the GIS community such to collaborate, educate and promote GIS skills and products.

I would like to see a more robust role for the GIS Colorado community with regards to Local and State governments’ understanding of the unlimited applications of GIS in making more efficient, effective and economical governance. Along with this vision, I can see a strong role for GIS Colorado as an educational resource for those local entities that have not yet embraced GIS technologies within their work place.

The GIS Colorado ListServe has been a phenomenal success and I am dedicated to ensure the continuation of this service that provides both a national and international forum for GIS issues and solutions.

I strongly support the GIS Colorado scholarship program and have served on the committee for two years and hope that this program can expand in the near future. I believe GIS Colorado should seek additional sponsorship/fundraising such to expand this scholarship program.

Mike Davlantes

At 24, I'm probably a bit younger than most members of the board.  However, I did work in GIS through college and have a decent chunk of experience as a result.  I've worked as a cartographer for the Patagonian Expedition Race (in Chile), a GIS analyst for the US Naval Facilities Engineering Command (in Florida), as a hydrolgist/research assistant (in Greenland and Florida), and under Darcee Killpack with the National Park Service (in Grand Junction).  Currently, I work as a geospatial software developer for Antero Resources in downtown Denver.  Though I have degrees in geology and geography, my real passion lies with computers and software.  I rarely make print maps.

I believe I can offer the board a fresh perspective on issues.  Having moved to Colorado in May of 2014, I'm still learning about the geospatial challenges faced by GISCO members.  One issue that I would like to see increased board involvement in would be education/outreach to tangentially-geospatial professionals (such as biologists, engineers, etc.).  As I'm sure you know, those who don't use GIS everyday easily get very frustrated with it and often write it off entirely.  As the field grows, these professionals will need increasing support/mentors.  Additionally, I'd like to see more discussion regarding web mapping among the community.  Seeing as most other facets of the tech industry are moving towards web applications and cloud computing, it is inevitable that GIS will soon be driven primarily by the web.

Shane Williams

I've been a mapping enthusiast since childhood and an IT professional for over 20 years. I'm currently a web developer for the US Government and work on projects covering everything from custom content management systems to web mapping applications and GIS data integration. I also provide consulting services to local and international companies mostly in the realm of internet application development and custom mapping solutions.



While I'm new to the GIS world, having only worked on a handful of projects (most of which are web-mapping related), I've been an IT professional for over 20 years and have worked at every level. I've worked as a network engineer, system administrator, web developer, and hardware/software technician. This breadth of experience plus the knowledge I've already gained through consulting and studying for my ICT/GIS masters at the University of Denver make me a great candidate to take GISCO to the next level.

I'm also a career USAF Reservist and will pass my 20 year service mark in April. I've managed and mentored groups of over 20 airman in all aspects of their career and have extensive experience in bringing geographically separated groups together. This experience has helped me learn to utilize strengths of individuals to help realize the goals of the entire team.

Joe Paniccia

My passion for GIS began with the study of topographic maps and landform analysis while pursuing my undergraduate engineering degree.  I then served as an officer in the U.S. Army, with leadership roles requiring the extensive use of GIS tools for the calculation of artillery solutions, as well as for tactical operations planning.

My current role is Manager of IT Systems Analysis, at CenturyLink in Denver.  Throughout my 15 years at CenturyLink I've led technical and project management teams on large-scale business initiatives, including many in which GIS was a major component of the business solution.

The passion I have for GIS extends to my hobbies as well, which include orienteering, map collecting, mountain biking, trail running, and other mountain adventures in the U.S. and Europe.  I also love history, especially when the story of a world event is portrayed in the form of a map.

My formal education includes a BS in General Engineering from the United States Military Academy (West Point) and a Master of Arts in Telecommunications Management from Webster University.  I am certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).   

I would like to serve on the board of GIS Colorado to contribute to the GIS community.  My extensive leadership experience will contribute to our central mission of fostering collaboration across this rapdily growing community.

Kim M Woynowskie

I have been working in GIS for 20 plus years, I began as a surveyor and worked in the engineering field for 8 years.  I then went back to college and gained a BS in Geology, I worked that field for another 10 years.  I came into GIS after that working in the private sector and also the public sector from local governments to Federal level.

I am currently a GISP and a GIS Analyst for the City of Grand Junction where I have worked for the last 15 years.  I am currently the Board Vice President representing the western half of Colorado..

I was a Sargent in the US Army from 1969 to 1973 where I served as a photographer and also OV1 Mohawk crew chief.


I would like to continue serving on the board as the western slope representative.

Caitlin Bernier

My name is Caitlin Bernier. I live in Gunnison, Colorado with my husband, Dave. I have 2 daughters who are both in college: one at Colorado School of Mines and the other at Colorado State University. We miss them very much. I got my Bachelor of Science degree in geology from Fort Lewis College in Durango. Wanting to use my degree, Dave and I moved to Reno, Nevada to seek our fortune. I started working in the GIS industry in 1991 while I lived in Reno and worked for Cominco American Resources and then Placer Dome Exploration. My interest in GIS overshadowed my interest in geology so in 1998 we moved to Montrose where I was the GIS Coordinator for Montrose County. From there, I moved to the City of Montrose where I was a GIS Analyst until I left in 2012. I am now working for my own company called Pangaea Geospatial. I have earned both my GISP and a Masters of GIS Management. The Masters was a lifelong goal for me and I feel fortunate to have been able to pursue and obtain it. I have been on the GIS Colorado Board for the last 3 years. I am currently the Treasurer of the Board and have worked on the GIS Colorado Scholarship Committee for the last 3 years. I also volunteered to help with the GeCo in the Rockies conference as the Program Co-coordinator. Because my background is quite diverse, I feel like I can continue to contribute to the GIS Colorado Board from a number of aspects: as a government employee, as a large private company employee, as a business owner, and as a student. I also can bring in the perspective of the natural resources industry, municipal and county concerns, and emergency management (911). I would be proud and honored to continue help guide and oversee the activities of GIS Colorado.